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Loonie/Abra in Fliptop Dos Por Dos

I have to be honest, in this entire series of Fliptop's Dos por Dos tournament, I haven't been watching all battles. 1. I'm busy. 2. I don't find everything interesting.

But one thing's for sure, I never missed out on a single Loonie/Abra battle on this tournament. I don't think I did. And I never thought I would even blog about this. But you see, ever since this tournament began, every time a battle is posted on YouTube, I would discuss every little detail of what was said and took place with one of my closest friends in my former office. And since I don't see my friend anymore, we only discuss through Skype and it doesn't seem enough. LOL. So I shall write down some of my thoughts here. If you guys don't mind.


First, Loonie/Abra vs. Tipsy D/Third D. IMHO, super close fight. First time ever I heard of these boys from Bataan and man are they impressive! I don't care what you think and what your super technical freestyle emceeing opinions are, I just think they are awesome. For a moment there, I thought that they stood a chance to defeat the undefeated, Loonie and his equally amazing teammate, Abra. Tipsy D/Third D were hella funny. And they had a style that was perfect for a tag team. You know for sure that they rehearsed extensively together. After I watched this battle, Tipsy D/Third D gained a new fan in me. :) However, as much as I liked what the Bataan kids did in this battle, Loonie/Abra were still victorious. I am no expert and I am in no position to give technical information on how to judge a battle, so I have no comment. Except that Loonie/Abra did awesome on this battle as well. As usual. It's no surprise that they won. And just a little short of 4 million views in just 2 months, you know that it's a battle worth checking out. Watch the video here:


Second battle. There was a bit of a tension during the battle night and they had to temporarily suspend the battle. Fliptop fans were just surprised when a battle video was already uploaded and it was said that the battle supposedly took place in a "secret location" on May 13, 2012. With just several onlookers and a different judging scheme, Loonie/Abra won the fight against Crazymix/Bassilyo. Again, IMHO, super close fight. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube was flooded with comments of different reactions. Some were happy with Loonie/Abra win while others thought that it was a "fixed battle".

Really people, have respect. I have a lot of things to say about this battle as well, but again, I am not an expert so I may be wrong so I'd rather shut up. Kids, think of it this way, Anygma, as well as some of the usual battle rappers and judges have already spoken. No matter who you put out there as judge, even if it was Eminem, people would always have their own opinion on who they think should win. So let's respect the judges. If you want your idol to win, then produce your own battle and be the judge. In fairness to Crazymix/Bassilyo, they were indeed too good in this battle as well. Again, honestly, it's my first time to ever watch them battle and they were just amazingly awesome. I could have sworn I got scared for Loonie/Abra at one point because I thought that Crazymix/Bassilyo were going to win. Just a month after the upload date, now already over 3 million views on YouTube. You must watch this as well.


Last battle of the Loonie/Abra tandem in the Dos por Dos Tournament is probably the most talked about battle in this series of battles.

Loonie/Abra lost the battle against Shehyee/Smugglaz.

You have no idea how much I regret not being able to watch this live. Imagine over a thousand people storming into B-Side just to witness this historic event. The day after the battle, I was in the We Got Dibs 2 event in Urban Athletics. People from the hip hop industry talked nonstop about the battle that happened the night before. I wouldn't say that I was so surprised that L/A lost. The first two battles were very close anyway.

I witnessed Shehyee's Sunugan: Unfinished battle against Melvin the Devil. To be honest, I am not Shehyee's biggest fan. I really don't like the heavy breathing on the microphone as he spits his line. But on this battle, I think he really practiced a lot because the heavy breathing was minimal. And you could feel the hunger of how much he wanted to win this. Smugglaz is no surprise at all. I heard his freestyle powers in Konektado's True MC Fest in QC. I was surprised on how personal this battle was. It seems that Shehyee and Smugglaz did their research well. I am not saying that everything they said this battle was true, I just think that whether they made these up or if this is true, they succeeded in their attack against L/A.

Based on my observation, it's as if L/A were stunned, and they weren't able to hide it especially in round 3 when i thought I heard some chokes. I had goosebumps while watching most parts of this battle. Truth is, L/A were still amazingly good. Even if there were a couple of chokes there, their lines are still solid. It's kinda sad that S/S took advantage of their comedic and theatrical talents to draw the crowd's attention which could be one of the reasons why they won. (?) L/A appeared on stage wearing suits and shades which, IMO, sadly worsened their situation. The shades were good though, they hid what their eyes were saying. S/S also turned their backs on L/A on some of their heavier lines which got the attention of the crowd more than the good lines that L/A were spitting. Some said it was kinda unfair, but this battle has no rules against that. L/A could have done the same, it's just that they didn't. Which in my opinion shows L/A's classiness. At some point, I thought someone was going to throw a punch and would start a fight already. With only Anygma acting as a bouncer, I think that the fistfight never took place only because of the participants' respect for Fliptop.

I watched this battle so many times. I tried to look at it in different ways. I tried watching Loonie's older battles to see what's the difference with this one. IMHO, in this battle, anger took over Loonie. Again, I am not stating a fact, but merely an opinion. I would compare it to that fight Manny Pacquiao lost years ago and people said he lost because there was anger inside of him. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first fight against Marquez wherein he didn't have Roach as a coach. SO ANYWAY... I remember asking Loonie before how he handles the painful words spoken against him when he battles, he says that he wouldn't care or he wouldn't listen. He would just hear enough for rebuttal purposes but he wouldn't really pay attention. I personally saw Loonie freestyling nonstop during our visit to John-John in the beginning of this year. He is damn awesome. He won't stop. He really is super smart and never lacks words and rhymes.

Technically, Loonie remains undefeated as a solo battle rapper.

Honestly, I am an Abra fan but not as a battle rapper. He's really cute though, even in person even if he's half my height. Just kidding. I love LDP and even his solo singles. He is an extremely good battle rapper as well, he wouldn't reach the status he is in right now if he wasn't. It's just that I don't think I've watched enough Abra battles to say that I am a fan. But in this L/A vs S/S battle, Abra did extremely well too. I didn't hear him spit lines repetitively like what he did in some previous battles. Instead, it appears he prepared heavier lines this time than the usual.

Anyway, I am saying too much I am not even an expert. LOL. Just watch the video here. Make sure you watch it, I could swear on it that this is soooooo worth your time. The amount of profanity and sexually explicit lines here are too overwhelming, if you're under 18, go watch some cartoons or teeny bopper film or something.

From conversations I overheard, Facebook and YouTube comments and some tweets I read, they say that L/A had less preparation time which is the reason for their loss. Some say that Fliptop's supposed to be freestyle so having less preparation time is no excuse. But this is Dos por Dos. It would be better if you came in prepared since you have a partner and coordination would sound better. Which is the reason why I liked Tipsy D & Third D's style in the first battle above. They were too coordinated it was almost perfect. If I was a judge in this battle, I would probably cry because choosing the winner is so difficult. So thank God I am just a normal anonymous person in this world. Just listen to what the judges had to say. BLKD was cool. Hear what he had to say. I agree with most of the things he said. And I hope that Loonie would battle more after this. I think he will remain undefeated as a solo battle rapper. Maybe, just maybe, group battle is not meant for him. I still think he's awesome. I want to see more of Smugglaz too, hopefully in English. LOL, just kidding again. And this is not the end of Loonie and Abra. For sure.


Arghhhhh.... I still have so much on my mind right now I couldn't even stop typing. I just don't want to say too much anymore since, again, I am no expert. So please don't hate. :)

Just one last note. Ideally, this is what I PERSONALLY want to see in a battle. Put the battle rappers names on paper, drop in a box then randomly pick who battles who right before the battle. On-the-spot. Don't tell them who they'll be battling in advance for Christ's sakes. This way, it will be purely freestyle. Not written. No preparation. Let's see who will remain victorious. That's how it's supposed to be anyway, right? The closest thing to that in the Filipino battle scene that I've watched is in the first Sunugan that showed in the movie house. It's the closest, they even got Protege to rap in Tagalog. I didn't even get to see that live. :|

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