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Lippiestick Exclusive: DJ Roli Rho

Once again, straight from the beautiful city of New York... a Lippiestick exclusive!!! (cue applause) I first learned about his awesomeness when I did a little research for The Bridge Files' coverage on the 2011 Brooklyn Bodega Hip Hop Festival. Best part about it... he's Pinoy! :) (I'm seriously super excited about this, I can't find the right words to say to make the intro longer)

DJ Roli Rho is a legendary member of longtime mobile DJ crew IntroBass Productions (IBP) and the world famous 5th Platoon. Read more on his profile here: DJ Roli Rho Facebook Page.

I got to ask him a few questions, read on! :) :) :)

1) You do remixes and beats too, what equipment do you use? There are a lot of people who want to try that out as well, for starters what's the best equipment or program you would recommend?

I started remixing and beat making in 1998 my first equipment for production was a korg karma keyboard (the brother the triton keyboard) a roland sp 808  4 channel remixing station, fostex digital 16 track recorder and a mpc 2000xl studio series.
As time passed, my equipment got upgraded to midi and stand alone VST's. Today I use ableton live 8 , an akai mpk mini midi keyboard and a stand alone vst drum machine called "maschine from native instruments". I recommend getting the maschine for producers who have use the mpc2000xl. if you have use the mpc before, you'll love the maschine.

2) Does being Filipino (in New York) affect your job?

Being an American-Filipino does not affect my job as a DJ/entertainer. I am treated just like any other DJ who puts a lot of work and effort to there craft.

3) What kind of party would you turn down if they ask you to DJ for them?

The parties I would turn down unfortunately are weddings. I don't have the mobile equipment to do those events. I sold all my mobile equipment for studio/remixing equipment.

4) If you are not doing what you do today, what would your job be or where do you see yourself?

I was working as a teller/customer service rep. for 10 years 1990-2000. after my bank was taken over by another bank. I told myself I wanted to pursue my dreams and goals of becoming an entertainer/DJ/producer/remixer. I wanted to see how far I can go with the field I love the most. so, from 2000 till now I've been djing everywhere and locally since.  if I ever change my profession, I would go bank into banking...

5) You have a long list of achievements... but what is your "favorite" biggest achievement?

One my of achievements was placing in a DMC competition in 94' and 99' .In 94', it was my first battle in NYC. I placed 3rd in the east coast heat. in 99' I placed 1st in the USA regional heat. being in those dmc DJ battles made me a better person and as a competitor.

6) Any plans of visiting the Philippines in the near future?

I would love to visit and DJ in the Philippines I wish I knew  people willing to give me a chance to DJ in the Philippines. it is one of my things that I am looking forward too.

7) What does it take to be called a real DJ? What's your advice to aspiring DJ's?

To be a real DJ, you have to be original and entertain the people that you cater too. If you just DJ with a laptop and stare at the screen and not communicate with the crowd while djing, you are not a DJ.
DJ's multitask there skills,(cddjs,turntables) the crowd, and to be 10 steps ahead of what to play next.

8) Any special plans/events for 2012?

I plan to start to putting out EDM/DANCE music in September. Be on a look out for that. It is one of my last projects I'd like to do for the community. Visit this is where all my mixes and remixes will be. If there are any artists such as KNOWA LAZARUS or and ladies that like to sing hooks let me know... WWW.DJROLIRHO.COM is my web site and WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DJROLIRHO is my social network..
Besides the crews I have been in. 5thplatoon, IBP(introbass productions DJ crew) I plan to start a new group called INTERNATIONAL BEAT PLAYERS...
INTERNATIONAL BEAT PLAYERS  are DJs who switched to beat making,remixing and video editing. (IBP) that plays there own tracks or play live with there controllers. this will be my next venture. weather its hip hop,dance,party tracks or dub step, you have to rock with either or all with turntables,cddjs, and controllers. 

Photos from Roli Rho's Facebook page.
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